packing strap (Polyester strap)

First-class PET packing plastic strapping is sold in most agencies of renowned manufacturing companies that produce quality products. Manufacturing companies produce PET Packing in accordance with global standards and the latest technologies, developments and achievements of the Packing industry and transfer the produced product to market supply centers for sale.


PET Straps have very high tensile strength, making them one of the most useful in various industries.


PET Straps of Different Sizes and Thicknesses Packing Straps have different materials and sizes designed and produced for use in various Strap tensioning devices that have different applications.


The supplied packing Strap has a tread, is of very high quality and has a high thickness and is suitable for packing any type of goods with any weight and size and does not change size during packing and does not bend or break. It has high tensile strength and does not tear easily, and after Packing, it does not loosen due to transportation and handling of the product.


This type of Packing Strap represents a suitable alternative to metal Straps in terms of weight, price and high tensile strength. It should be noted that the approximate weight of its roll is 10 kg, and its size is 1.5 cm.


تسمه پلاستیکی چیست؟

What is a plastic strap?


Plastic Strap is used in Packing all kinds of products that need Packing. The types of plastic Straps are as follows:


Polyproline (PP) Plastic Strap: This Strap is widely used in various industries and is a suitable choice for Straps. It has very high strength and is resistant to heat and environmental damage. For example, this Strap is used for Packing with brick and ceramic pallets, food, etc.


PET (PET) plastic strap: PET strap is of two types, toothed and non-toothed, which are used for Packing heavy goods depending on the type of product.


This Strap, like other Straps, is produced and marketed in different sizes. If you want to pack small or large but medium weight objects or parts, you should use the size 16 pet Strap, while if you want to pack heavy parts, you should use the size 19 pet Strap.


Different types of plastic Straps


Manual plastic strap

Crystal clear plastic strap

Automatic and semi-automatic plastic Strap

خرید و فروش تسمه پلاستیکی بسته بندی

Applications of Plastic Strap:


Packing on pallets

Cardboard Packing

Granite Packing

Pack of ceramic tiles

Packing of household appliances


The largest manufacturer of plastic Packing Straps:


The largest plastic Packing manufacturer is trying to produce and present a product worthy of the Iranian people using the world's best machines and the best quality raw materials.


These reliable manufacturing companies in the country provide all kinds of Packing Straps, especially PET Straps of different sizes and thicknesses, depending on the needs of customers, and in this way, by announcing the right price, they provide this product to customers all over the world. the country harm.


Supplier of all kinds of PET Packing Straps:


PET Packing Strap is considered to be the strongest plastic Strap, one of the suitable and excellent substitutes for metal Strap in some industries and is available in most supply centers in different sizes with two colors, white and green.


Price list of plastic Straps in Tehran:


تولید کننده تسمه های بسته بندی پلاستیکی
You can find the price list of all types of plastic Straps in Tehran easily and in a short time by making an easy and convenient search in online stores.


Each of these online stores displays different brands and qualities of pet Straps at a specific price. To make shopping easier for our customers. The price of PET Straps is lower than metal Straps, and this is a positive and unique feature of this widely used product.


Buying and selling bulk plastic Packing Straps:


One of the methods that will have a great return for the seller is buying and selling plastic Packing Straps wholesale.

The purchase of bulk Packing Straps is done face-to-face and in-person, and applicants can experience a comfortable purchase by referring to these centers. Currently, the purchase and sale of these products is booming thanks to their high resistance to breakage, lightness, economical price and recyclability.



Purchase of all types of Packing Straps

Nowadays, the use of packing Straps in exporting products cannot be ignored. Because packing Strap has a practical role in moving goods.

The price of this product depends on factors such as material, thickness and width of the Strap. Naturally the price of the packing Strap varies according to market fluctuations.


PET Packing manufacturing company, reasonable price:


The company produces and distributes all kinds of Packing essentials, such as PET plastic Straps, and tries to satisfy customers. Being able to serve various unions of the country with extensive efforts and activities in the field of manufacturing the best type of these Straps.


PET Packing Straps are widely used in heavy industries. Because they have high tensile strength. Therefore, manufacturing companies are trying to keep the market in their hands with high-quality production of this product.


انواع تسمه بسته بندی
Important things when determining the price of packing Strap:


The price of packing Strap is very important, but you will definitely have more questions before purchasing packing Strap. Plastic Strap or metal Strap? What type of products will these Straps be suitable for? Is it necessary to purchase a Strap tensioner to be able to use all types of Packing Straps?


How much does the plastic strap cost?


Or can some models be used manually? What is the difference between types of packing Straps? We will answer these questions below. If you need telephone advice regarding the purchase and price of Packing Straps, contact our experts.

Raw material production can be used to produce Packing Straps from recycled materials or a mixture of new materials. Calcium carbonate can also be added according to customer requirements to reduce production costs, increase product profits and compete in the market. Here, to find out more about this type of Strap, you need to consult the rest of the article.


Important points regarding packing Strap:


Here are some very important things to consider when using this type of packing strap:


1. Raw material production can be used to produce Packing Straps from recycled materials or a mixture of new materials.

2. The output of Strap making machine is very high, and the final line speed can reach 260 meters per minute.

3. The appearance of the whole device is optimized, beautiful, first-class and durable.

4. High-precision molded parts make the product forming quality stable, the width and thickness fluctuations are much lower than the national standard, so that the machine can greatly shorten the net changing time.

5. The use of well-known brand, unique parameter design with the advantages of large extrusion, good plasticity, high hardness and high wear resistance are the most prominent features of this product.

6. Unique heating system, internal alternative winding method, fully utilizes thermal energy to reduce power loss.

7. Unique stretching process, with good strength and stable width.

8. Unique cooling system, multiple sets of guide rollers, making the web cooling and bending process happen well and create a more stable product and more accurate dimensions.

9. Five-roller tension system with stable tension made the equipment work well, reduce the failure rate, and maintenance costs are reduced by 60%.

10. Special high-precision embossing and pressing machine, adjustable pressure, clear and beautiful embossing, improve product quality, comparable to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.

11. Constant force winding system, unique design parameters in line with high performance

12. The wheel and axle parts are made of high strength alloy steel. The gears are processed by carburizing, hardening and grinding, and the equipment failure rate is reduced by 60%.

13. Using computer programming control system, the production and Packing data is very simple.

14. The PP production line has four Straps, and the stable production volume reaches 5-6 tons per day! The latest product of the PP production line is equipped with six Straps.

15. Automatic screen switching without stopping optional!


All about packing Strap:


تسمه بسته بندی چیست


The packing straps are covered with high-quality materials in a truly seamless manner, without seams or joints. Their special features are:


• High operational reliability thanks to the high and constant friction coefficient

• Their long useful life thanks to high wear resistance

• Individual solutions are possible by choosing different materials and almost unlimited processing.


Reduced Strap replacement, increased lifespan:




Compared to other conventional processing Straps, tubular winding Straps also contribute positively to the environmental balance. Their advantages include:




• Infinite source material

• Smooth operation

• long life

• Tear resistant and longitudinal stability

• High friction constant

• High wear resistance




Packing Straps help move products and raw materials within a facility and between processing and Packing machines. They are ubiquitous around the world and improve worker productivity and safety by reducing inefficient manual handling. In the food industry, Straps are used to transport raw materials and finished products.


Pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on transportation systems for similar purposes with different Packing requirements. In some facilities, both manufacturing and material transportation may be accomplished using Straps to move raw materials from one location in the facility to another prior to preparation.



نوار بسته بندی چیست


What is packing Strap and how does it work?


Simply put, a packing Strap is a mechanical device used in many industries to transport goods or products from one place to another. These systems are very useful for companies that deal with heavy and dangerous items, raw materials or delicate products.

From huge chemical drums to small pharmaceutical vials, Straps are an integral part of modern production lines. While there are many different types of conveyor Straps, most use electric motors to power the Straps, rollers, or Straps that carry the product.

Many of us are familiar with packing Straps that provide a smooth surface for transporting goods, but some may use side Straps to move product.


Which industries use Packing Straps?


The main function of the roller and Strap conveyor is to transport products and transfer them more quickly and efficiently within the factory. This saves time and money, as it reduces the amount of inefficient manual work. Because Straps are so useful, a wide range of industries have adopted this technology, including:


Food and drink refills
Logistics and distribution
To recycle
Plastic production


These industries use Straps of a wide variety of types, shapes and sizes due to their undoubted advantages, which is why the Strap market is growing rapidly across the world.


The advantages of using a conveyor Strap in your production process:


Strap Packing brings numerous benefits to a manufacturing facility. First and foremost, these systems are more efficient than manual handling. They increase efficiency and productivity, especially for factories or large facilities where goods are moved on different levels.

Not only do they reduce labor costs, but just as importantly, they also promote safety. Straps reduce the possibility of pressure injuries or accidents caused by transporting heavy, fragile and dangerous products.

Another advantage is that Packing Strap is particularly useful for companies where production demand changes, as the speed of the Straps can be easily increased to adapt to production.

The Straps are particularly useful for automated processes when filling liquids, where containers are continuously fed into filling machines and collected for Packing.

- Types of ribbons:


Although there are many different types of Packing Straps, there are three main types of Straps in production:


Mesh Strap
Packing Strap
Roller conveyor


While there are other types such as chain conveyors, vibrating conveyors, and roller skates, these are more specialized. Straps and rollers are widely used in many jobs of all sizes.




- Packing Strap:


One of the simplest types of Strap is packing Strap, which consists of a rubber or polymer Strap that is stretched around rollers to move the product. Most of us encounter them at supermarket counters, where they are ready to purchase.

They are also popular in mail sorting centers and lighter-duty warehouses, as they quickly move packages from one point to another.

Although they are relatively cheap and easy to install, they can be damaged by sharp and heavy products. For this reason, Straps and rollers are other options in manufacturing and processing facilities.

Packing Straps are particularly popular in the food and beverage industry. They usually use two parallel chain drives to move spaced Straps made of stainless steel, PVC, plastic polymer or aluminum.

The main advantage of packing Strap is that it is durable, easy to clean and can handle sharp and heavy products. They are relatively easy to set up, can work in corners or corners, and fit well on tables.




Last word:


Naturally, the modernization of a production line depends on the purchase of a Packing system. A company needs to know what type of Packing system is suitable and what its layout and speed is. This is where expert advice with experience in many industries, such as resource Packing machinery, can help you in this area.

They can help you integrate Straps into your current manufacturing processes and maximize the efficient use of space. If you use filling machines or need adhesive Strap to work in corners, we help you find the optimal solution.

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16 packing tapes are used to pack and store packages and products in industry. Packing tape 16 is usually stretched like a belt around boxes and products. This way the objects are kept in place. This makes it easier to move products.
تسمه بسته بندی پ پ 16 م م رول 13 کیلوگرمی یک محصول بسیار کاربردی و موثر برای نگه داری و بسته بندی محصولات مختلف در صنایع است.
تسمه بسته بندی پلاستیکی سفید کریستال عرض 16 یکی از ابزارهای پرکاربرد جهت بسته‌بندی محصولات مختلف است که از جنس پلاستیکی بوده و در صنایع متعددی از آن استفاده می‌شود.
تسمه پلاستیکی بسته بندی دو رنگ عرض 16 میلی متر یک رول کامل، یک ابزار بسیار مقاوم و مستحکم است که با هدف بسته بندی محصولات مختلف مورد استفاده قرار می‌گیرد.