Can the antique stone be painted?



As mentioned, antique stones are produced from natural stones and have a wide variety of colors, and there is no need to paint antique stone, but sometimes painted antique stones get more uses and fans because of the unique effect they they get, but you should know that there is a possibility of changing the color of the old stone when you use it in some places such as fireplaces, which makes it lose the effect and beauty of this natural stone and gives an inappropriate look to your building .


Painting antique stone?





antique stones of certain sizes are attached in a square or rectangular shape to the surface of the mesh and the way to use it is like a puzzle. These stones, which have a minimum size of 30cm, are attached to the walls of the building with glue and mortar. antique stone is considered to be one of the most used building stones and a smart choice for structures across our country, but it is not used separately for the building facade and is usually used as a supplement in the facade for the frame around the door and at the windows, the frame around the elevator and in other parts as well. These stones are used for construction. These stones are produced in different sizes and have different patterns. They are classified as profile, bar, half round, etc. The coloring of these stones occurs after gluing them to the surface of the nets.



Is there a special color for antique stone?





You should know that not all antique stone colors are suitable for this purpose and special colors are used in this industry, which have special characteristics such as high durability and good durability as well as waterproof color and are also suitable for outdoor and the internal parts of the building.


What is the color change of antique stone?


Like other colors, the stone color is vulnerable to flame and cannot be used for fireplaces and barbecues, while the simple old stone (no color) is a smart choice for the interior and exterior of the building, especially for fireplaces and barbecues. Another element that affects the purchase of antique stone and the price of antique stone is the color of the antique stone. Taking care of this stone is not a difficult task, and for the internal part, its beauty and durability can be maintained with a simple pass, and for the external walls and the facade of the building, it is sufficient to wash it periodically.






Types of antique stones


According to the pattern and appearance, the antique stone is divided into three main categories: scissor or guillotine stone, puzzle stone and profile stone.


Stone scissors or guillotine


Scissor stone (guillotine) is made by stacking broken pieces of stone and gluing them together with resin mortar. The pieces of this stone are cut with a guillotine, which is why it is called a guillotine stone. Some types of scissor stone are produced in rectangular shape with a size of about 1.5 to 5cm and without surface treatment, and others are produced in square and rectangular shape, with a length of 10 to 30cm and a width of 5cm . Freestone is one of the most important and widespread building materials that, along with wallpaper and paint, give homes a beautiful look. The price of antique guillotine stone varies depending on the stones used and their size.







Antique stone puzzle

antique puzzle stone is another type of antique stone. It is called puzzle stone because of the regular pieces of this stone that are put together as a puzzle. Puzzle stone has regular cuts and is produced in different shapes and designs. The price of the antique puzzle stone varies according to the materials and dimensions of the stones that compose it.



Profile stone or three-dimensional stone


The antique profile stone has a uniform surface without roughness and its edges are curved. Half-round or full-round tools are used to shape the profile stone. Usually, this type of stone has a polished surface and small pieces of stone are used in each shape. Different types of antique profile stones have different prices according to different materials and sizes.



Uses of antique stone



antique stone is generally used to decorate the interior and exterior of buildings. antique stone for interior decoration with different sizes and patterns is available in the market.

antique stone has many uses, we mention a few: antique stone for the entrance of the building, antique stone for the kitchen, antique stone for the living room wall, antique stone between the wardrobes, antique stone behind the TV, antique stone suitable for the wall around the fireplace, antique stone for office wall, in general, antique stone has most applications in floor and wall cladding of stairs and bedrooms, living rooms and reception rooms, lobbies, car parks, toilets and bathrooms, shop windows and commercial premises, stone painting and decoration of luxury villas and hotels. Furthermore, this type of stone is used in healthcare spaces such as hospitals, canteens, study rooms and clinics.

Most of the antique stones are made and polished according to nanotechnology; Thus, facades made of these stones do not attract bacteria and algae and can be used without any problems.




Antique stone

Natural antique stone is made of broken pieces and small pieces of travertine and marble, which are the scraps and waste products of stone-cutting factories, and various designs of this stone are produced and marketed by combining and gluing resin mortars. Artificial antique stone is made of plastic cement.



Advantages of antique stone

antique stone has many benefits, some of which are mentioned below. It has high resistance to environmental changes, frost, pressure, erosion and fire. It is lighter than natural stones. It is easy to transport and install. It is reasonably priced and affordable. Thanks to its porous structure, it adheres more easily to the mortar. It is good insulation for sound, heat and fire.

It's easy to clean. It can withstand extreme heat and cold. It is a suitable insulator for surfaces and its use is particularly suitable for damp walls. It has a long life. It is available in various colors, designs and shapes in the market. It is fireproof and due to this characteristic it is used to decorate fireplaces. It is wear resistant. It can be used in different parts of the building.




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