Introduction of pp packing strap (polypropylene packaging straps)

PP straps is a thermoplastic additive polymer made from a combination of polypropylene monomers and is used for various applications. In this article we will review and introduce the types of PP or polypropylene packing strap. Stay with us.


What is packing strap?

packing straps are made using plastic (polymer) and metal materials. packing straps are used to increase the strength of goods packing, hold packages together on pallets, facilitate transportation and handling of various items, and optimal storage of products.

packing straps are divided into 2 main categories: plastic (polymer) and metal straps. Securing cargo with packing straps prevents them from becoming damaged and slipping. Please note that in order to use these Straps you must use a Strap tensioner.


Introduction of pp or polypropylene packing straps

Among the types of packing straps we can mention polypropylene (PP) straps, made with plastic (polymeric) materials. Polypropylene (PP) webbing has high strength and elasticity, but has low recovery. This feature makes these Straps suitable for packing and palletizing a wide range of light and semi-heavy packages.

In terms of application, polypropylene (PP) Straps are classified into portable Straps, semi-automatic Straps, automatic Straps and fully automatic Straps. This classification allows its use in all types of Strap tensioners. PP Straps can be used in all types of manual, portable, semi-automatic or fully automatic Strap tensioners.

Depending on the device in which they are used, PP straps are divided into manual, semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic polypropylene straps, which should be paid attention to when purchasing this strap.


Advantages of PP Strap

As we said, PP straps have high elasticity, but they do not return to their original shape after application. This feature makes PP straps an economical strap solution. Below, we will discuss some of the benefits of PP straps.

Low price compared to other Straps
Ease of use and portability


Application of PP strap

PP plastic strap is one of the most popular and economical types of packing strap used in many industries. Manufacturing industries, building and construction, transportation and logistics, etc. are among the industries that use this product. PP straps are suitable for packing goods from various industries.
Building materials industry
packing of all types of flooring, including parquet and laminate
Pulp industries such as cardboard, sheet and paper production
Printing industry, newspapers and magazines
Home appliance industry
Postal parcels
Food industry
Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries
PP straps make it easier to transport goods. Furthermore, due to the many advantages of PP straps, they are a popular choice for packing goods in various industries. Sometimes these products are used to identify products of a specific brand.


Disadvantages of PP packing strap

Polypropylene straps have high elasticity, but do not have good recovery. Additionally, they may lose their strength and tear in adverse weather conditions due to UV damage and temperature changes. Therefore it is preferable to use metal or PET straps for hard and heavy loads and for loads with sharp edges.

If your pallets and packages will travel long distances, are heavy, or may be loaded and unloaded multiple times, PP strapping is not the right choice. Today, some factories producing polypropylene straps add other materials to the raw materials, which increase their resistance to ultraviolet rays to a certain extent.

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Disadvantages of pp packing strap

Important points to pay attention to when purchasing PP packing strap
Before purchasing PP packing strap, you should pay attention to various things so that you do not face any problems after purchasing. The most important points that you should pay attention to before buying polypropylene straps are:

Choose the width and thickness of the strap based on the strapping tool or strapping tool you have.

Check the quality of the welding of the machine Straps.

Check tensile strength.

When purchasing PP strap, pay attention to the fact that the size of the reel must be suitable for the machine that uses it.


last word

In this article we have presented the types of PP or polypropylene packing tapes and their characteristics, uses, advantages, etc. PP or polypropylene packaging tape is one of the economical tapes with high elasticity.

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