What is a packing strap (Polyester strap) and what are its types?

What is a packing strap (Polyester strap) and what are its types?

Packaging strap is placed as a strong belt around the items to be packaged, or in other words, packaging strap is used to pack and store packages and products in industry. In this article we will look at packing straps and their types, stay with us.

What is packing strap?

Packaging straps are used to increase the strength of product packaging, hold packages together on pallets, facilitate the transfer of various devices, and optimize product storage.

Packaging straps are divided into 2 categories: plastic straps and metal straps. Tying goods with these straps prevents them from getting damaged and slipping. It must also be said that to use packaging belts it is necessary to use a belt tensioner.

Types of packing straps

In this part of the article we look at the two main and common types of plastic (polymer) and metal belts. It should be noted that in addition to this category, polymer straps are also divided into PP and PET straps. Based on these explanations you can make the best choice for the packaging of your goods.

PP plastic packing ‌‌strap

Polypropylene plastic packaging strap is made of lightweight plastic material, so it has lighter weight. Polypropylene plastic packing strap is used to package different goods or secure loads on pallets for transportation.

In fact, pp plastic packaging strap is one of the most common and economical types of plastic strap. This belt is produced in different sizes and thicknesses and in a variety of polymers and a wide range of colors.

This strap is very suitable for packaging light to semi-heavy goods. This strap is widely used in industries such as paper and cardboard, newspaper, paper roll, etc.

PP packing strap has good tensile properties and is safer for the packing operator than steel straps, because it has no sharp edges. Furthermore, using this type of belt is easier and does not require much skill and experience. This strapping is performed using a manual strapping machine or semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines on the packages.

Disadvantages of polypropylene (PP) strap.

PP belt has high tensile strength, but after application it does not return to its original state.

If your pallets and packages will travel long distances or be loaded frequently, you need to use a belt that provides the proper tension and maintains its integrity under these conditions.

Pet plastic strap

One of the strongest plastic (polymer) straps is polyethylene terephthalate (PET) strap. This product is a good choice for packing goods that need to be moved frequently. The PET belt has high tensile strength and is resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays. For this reason it is used as a good replacement for metal belts in many semi-heavy and heavy industries.


Due to the production technology and ingredients of the metal belt, it has high strength compared to the previous two types of belts. Wire strap is used to pack heavy and extra heavy goods. The metal belt has sharp and cutting edges, so you should consider and use safety tips such as wearing special gloves and shoes when working.

Metallic strap is mainly used in packaging heavy construction materials or objects with sharp edges such as beams, large industrial equipment and other super heavy industries. In addition, the metal belt has high strength and durability and is resistant to UV rays.

last word

The product used in strapping machines is packaging strap, which is used in many industries.

These belts are used to safely reach the goods at their destination or to move and store them safely. There are different types of these belts and we have provided explanations about each of them in this article

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